[Posted: August 30, 2019]

This website is primarily a collection of travel photos posted online for friends and acquaintenances of the vagabond, but anyone else is very welcome. Along with each photo, I have tried to add some commentary, to help any viewer (1) understand each photo's content, and (2) better sense what life can be like when wandering about Europe, using a disguised motorhome and a bicycle.  A secondary purpose of this website is to serve as my own personal photo album to help me recall the numerous places that I have explored.

'Vagabond' is a nickname that I use online, when traveling in my Stealth Hotel. 'Stealth Hotel' is my favorite nickname for my white Isuzu NPR commercial box truck, that I personally renovated to become a comfortable hotel on wheels (i.e., a vehicle known as a 'motorhome' in the USA or as a 'caravan' in the EU). The stealthy part is that its exterior retains its original appearance of being a delivery truck. This website includes a collection of photos of both the interior and exterior of my Stealth Hotel. Click this link if you want more details about the Stealth Hotel, such as what renovations were made to convert it, what features are included, and examples of the kind of locations where it is typically parked during an overnight visit.

My renovations on this truck began in 2015, and, upon completion, some shakedown touring was done in 2016 in some western states in the USA. My first excursion with the Stealth Hotel in Europe was in the summer of 2017. The Stealth Hotel was shipped to Bremerhaven, Germany, from where I meandered through parts of Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Andorra, and Spain. After touring, the Stealth Hotel was put in storage in Spain and the vagabond returned to the USA. That 3-month long trip was captured in photos posted online, and the website's original 2017 home page can be accessed by clicking this link: Europe 2017.

During the summer of 2018 for another 3-month adventure, I continued my travels in Southern European countries (Spain, France, and Italy).  All photo collections from the 2018 trip can accessed by clicking this link: Europe 2018.

The reason for the 3-month limit each year is that the European Union's immigration rules set a maximum visa period of 90 days (and exiting and quickly re-entering the EU does not achieve a renewed 90 day visa). Additionally, weather issues factor into how long traveling in a motorhome is comfortable. Finally, I do have another life, so I'm really only a part-time vagabond.

During the summer of 2019, I have been exploring the Iberian Peninsula, mainly within Spain. Recently, I have passed northward through France, with the intent of shipping the Stealth Hotel back to North America from a port in Belgium.  On the right side of this page are links to photos that were taken during my travel from June 12 until September, 2019--approximately 80 days plus a few more yet ahead. I apologize for not finding enough time to add commentary to these 2019 photos.

Finally,  I encourage you to send the vagabond an email (vagabond@vagabond.online).  If you've visited this website, I would love to know who you are and what are your thoughts--regardless whether you're a friend or stranger. Comments, questions, suggestions and more will be read and, when appropriate, responded to.