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This website has been created primarily for displaying photos taken during an ongoing, extended vacation in Europe during the summer of 2017. To prepare for this vacation, I remodeled an Isuzu commercial box van (i.e., a delivery truck) into  a motor home, which utilized a lot of my time. It has the nickname of the 'stealth hotel', because the concept is to have a motor home that can easily be lived within overnight in an assortment of locations, without the public realizing you are there. It has all the features of a contemporary motor home: water, toilet, shower, refrigerator, 12v and 110v electrical systems supplied by solar panels, computer, recliner, air con, and more. Perhaps most importantly, it also has a 'garage' with a bike that easily loads and unloads. I have found this bike to be the perfect compliment to the stealth hotel.  Bike riding in Europe can be heaven, as my photo collections evidence. The truck-bike combination is very effective if you like being a vagabond.



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DATES VISITED (click on any link below
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(in reverse chronological order; updating discontinued at end of 2017 adventure;
Sept 7 - Sept. 22, 2017 La Costa Dorado, Spain
August 23 - Sept. 6, 2017 Catalunya, Spain
August 19 - August 22, 2017 The Dordogne Region, France  
August 11 - August 18, 2017 Charente-Maritime Dept., France
August 9 - August 10, 2017 Brittany Dept., France
August 3 - August 5, 2017 D-Day Locations
July 27 - August 3, 2017 Normandy Dept., France
July 10; July 23 - 26, 2017 Northern Coast of France
July 19 - July 22, 2017 Flanders in Belgium
July 15 - July 18, 2017 Brugge, Belgium
July 11 - July 14, 2017 World War I in Belgium
July 8 - July 9, 2017 World War II in Belgium
July 6 - July 7, 2017 Luxembourg
June 27 - July 6, 2017 Germany